The Stylish and Classy Exterior of the Volvo XC40

Volvo's XC40 is a subcompact SUV. It gives you the SUV advantages of cargo and passenger space but in a smaller overall package. This is officially a luxury SUV and it shows on both the inside and the outside. The XC40's exterior features give it a stylish and classy appearance.

To check out the XC40 in person, you can always stop by Maple Hill Volvo of Kalamazoo, MI. There, you will notice the XC40 has attractive, stylish lines for the body. Illuminated door handles look classy and also offer a solution to a practical problem. These are great to have when getting into your XC40 at night.

Another stylish exterior feature is the contrasting white roof. This is an available option for certain trim levels. The contrast with the body color makes for a striking and attractive image. All of the exterior design elements work together to make the Volvo XC40 a beautiful SUV.

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