Modern-day SUVs have it all from luxurious features to futuristic good-looks. The Volvo XC90 isn't an exception to the rule as this SUV is loaded with innovative technologies. This particular five-seater is the personification of automotive excellence, and here is why.

The Volvo XC90 has one of the best exteriors by all means. This vehicle represents timeless elegance to the fullest thanks to its outstanding architecture of gloss-black décor and chrome-finished accents. Asymmetrical and horizontal shapes encompass the outer shell for a well-balanced look. The hood of the SUV slopes downward into the front grille with precision, and the wheel arches have striking contours. Depending on the actual trim, consumers can opt for 20-inch five-spoke wheels or 22-inch aluminum wheels. The options are literally yours. The Volvo XC90's exterior demands attention, and it doesn't possess any known flaws.

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