Tire blowouts can occur at any time. The best way to predict these events is by carefully inspecting the condition of your tires. This is something that Kalamazoo drivers should do every few weeks and just ahead of any major excursions. At Maple Hill Volvo Cars, we're committed to helping motorists stay as safe as possible with blowout prevention and mitigation strategies.

Try Not To Panic If Your Tire Blows Out

The most important thing to remember during a blowout is not to panic. Rather than jamming on your brakes, bring your speed down gradually by easing off your accelerator. You can then start moving closer to the shoulder of the road while looking for a safe place to perform a tire change.

Take Steps To Ensure That Others Can See You

Blowouts often occur as the result of dry rot, worn tires, considerable tire aging, and undetected tire damages caused by improper use. Once you've successfully navigated your way out of one, you'll need to set up reflective cones so that other drivers can see you. If you can't safely change your tire where you are, make a call for emergency roadside assistance. Come by Maple Hill Volvo Cars today to take advantage of our professional tire services.


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