Keeping Your Most Precious Cargo Safe

Your child is the most precious cargo that you have and choosing the right car seat is the key to keeping them safe. Your child should never stay in a smaller size car seat if their head extends above the backrest. You may be wondering if your child still needs a car seat, or if it is time to move them to a seat belt.

Taking the car seat or booster seat in and out can seem like a hassle. However, if your child is not at the proper height and weight for the seat belt to fit properly, it can cause worse injuries in addition to those that are a result of the crash.

If you have any questions about whether your child is ready for an adult seat belt, there are plenty of resources to help. The NHTSA has a set of guidelines, and the state Highway Patrol is always willing to give helpful advice. They have a commitment to keeping your child safe, as do you.

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