What is the Value of a Blind-Spot Monitor?

You don't have to be a tech wizard to take advantage of modern innovations in vehicles, and you don't have to be a bad driver to find yourself involved in an accident. Not seeing another car, especially one driving recklessly in your blind spot, could cause a crash. Many modern vehicles come with a blind-spot monitor, which may help cut down on instances of collisions.

Let's be clear: there is no technological device capable of 100% preventing a collision. However, there are integrated safety systems that can assist a careful driver. A blind-spot monitor picks up on vehicles that might be out of a driver's range of sight. Audio cues and visual ones, such as lighted indicators, on rearview mirrors can send warnings.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed a study revealing lane-departure warnings and blind-spot monitors can potentially reduce lane drifting. Consider the news from the IIHS positive. Test drive a car in Kalamazoo, MI with blind-spot monitoring. We have them at Maple Hill Volvo Cars.


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