How to Safely Load Cargo in Your SUV

Once you drive your SUV off the lot of the car dealership, you may think your relationship is over. Your car dealer doesn't feel that way, we want you to enjoy your new vehicle and get the best possible use out of it. One way to do that is to understand how to safely and efficiently load cargo into your SUV.

Having the proper luggage is the first step to packing cargo safely. You want your gear to fit into the cargo area snugly, without obstructing your view. Suitcases for clothing and rubber totes for gear ensure that everything is packed away and secure. Make sure everything is contained. Think of your spare tire access. If it is under the cargo area, pack in a way that allows you to access it if necessary.

When it comes time for regular maintenance, visit your dealer's service center. We can provide regular maintenance, make sure everything is working correctly, and ensure you are getting the most use out of your vehicle.

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