Luxury is the perfect word to describe the Volvo S90. The sporty vehicle combines scores of features to create a brilliant sedan experience. Exterior artistry combined with high-end technology allows the S90 to captivate, and the safety components provide the necessary support to the exceptional performance.

The "City Safety" system adds a layer of protection to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and even animals. A mix of camera and radar technology alerts the driver to imminent collisions on the road. If a cyclist, deer, or anything else darts in front of the car, the alert sounds. If the driver can't react, City Safety technology automatically applies the brakes.

At high speeds, a vehicle could drift off the road and collide with something. Safe driving cuts down on such events, and the S90's "Run-Off Road Mitigation" lends safe drivers an assist. If the tech detects the vehicle going off the road, the vehicle accesses steering and braking to help get the car back on track.

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